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Makes, names and records collections to at least 30


Purpose: While at the single digit stage matching numerals to collections may seem to be just a memory exercise, students will not progress even at this level unless they are encouraged to build an understanding that numbers are about 'amount' or quantity - that they are not just about counting sequence. This idea of quantity is what makes mathematics different to other subjects. When learning reading, knowing a sequence of letters that makes a word is of little use unless the meaning of the word is also understood. So too with mathematics, just stating the name of a number symbol is of little use unless there is an understanding of the quantity indicated by the number. WIth higher numbers, this ability requires a broad understanding of all aspects of whole number including an understanding of the base10 system and place value, counting, magnitude and location.


Activities where students are encouraged to match and compare written numerals with physical models of numbers, helps students to develop a strong conception of number as a quantity, and helps them learn to 'trust the count'.


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Activities and Assessments


download Dice Totals

Four Dice Totals

Focus: Efficiently determining a number of items (dots on dice) in the range to 30, and writing the corresponding numeral.

How: See Four Dice Totals Activity sheet

Download Four Dice Totals score sheet

Download 1 - 6 Dot Spinner

download Counter Grab

Counter Grab

Focus: Recording the number of items in different collections. Students need to correctly identify the number of items in each collections through an efficient count, and then correctly write the corresponding numeral to record the number of items.

How: See Counter Grab Sheet

Download Counter Grab Board


download A Picture Book of Numbers

A Picture Book of Numbers 

Focus: Making and checking a specific collection of drawn items in the range to 30 through counting, and correctly writing the corresponding numeral

How: See A Picture Book of Numbers activity sheet 2


download Assessment Points - Matching 3

Assessment Points - Matching 3

Activity based indicators that students have achieved the target understandings

Download Assessment Points - Matching 3 sheet


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