Subitising/ Part-part-wholeWHOLE NUMBERS

Now and Next

Where are they now?

Recognises 10 of these is 1 of those
(ten as a composite or countable unit via bundling)

Subitises to 20 where there is a clear group of 10.

Where to next?

Identifies collections of tens and ones to 50 without counting


When students associate mental images of dot patterns or collections of objects with numbers (either stated orally or written), they are more likely to understand that maths is about quantities and not just memorising word patterns.


Activities where students are encouraged to quickly identify collections up to fifty, where groups of ten are clearly indicated, help to develop this idea.


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  • download See-Say Bingo ( tens and ones)

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Activities and Assessments


download Modified See-Say Bingo ( numbers 1 to 5)

See-Say Bingo 

Focus: Developing automaticity in identifying how many objects are in a collection - Identifying the total of a mixed collection of 10s and 1s up to a total of 50.

How: See-Say Bingo instructions

Download Bingo Cards
Download Subitising Cards


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